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Loan Review System (LRS)

Reach maximum productivity with your loan review strategy through intelligent insights.

Loan Review System (LRS)

Reach maximum productivity with your loan review strategy through intelligent insights.

Errors from Manual Spreadsheets? Never Again

ValuCast LRS is fully integrated within the ValuCast suite and is designed to eliminate errors from traditionally manual, Excel-based loan review and credit due diligence (Mergers & Acquisitions) processes. Financial institutions benefit from gaining insights into M&A, CECL, and LRS analysis all in one powerful suite.

A Better Way to Manage Your Data

Integrating LRS introduces workflow, progress dashboards, and every feature you need to speed up reviews and provide more depth and insight into a portfolio. Analyze guarantor profiles as well as borrower and relationship data sets. Load and reconcile loan data easily with customizable import functionality. Leverage a proactive approach as you seamlessly build and identify cohorts with control environments.

Collaboration and Transparency

Make better decisions sooner with simple cross-functional communication to review findings and make real-time risk management decisions as well as give valuable feedback. Design custom reports with an appropriate level of access for management, examiners, or auditors.

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Loan Review System in Action

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