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Outsourced Advisory Services

Don’t have enough resources or subject matter experts? Not to worry; we have a team of industry experts ready to assist you.

Outsourced Advisory Services

Don’t have enough resources or subject matter experts? Not to worry; we have a team of industry experts ready to assist you.

Ongoing Model Preparation and Review

Alleviate the strain on your internal resources by allowing us to assist your institution with model creation. We assist with data preparation by loading and reconciling required monthly or quarterly data, completing selected loss methodologies and providing applicable results, creating the loan loss model based on the approved job run, and advising on the development of applicable qualitative factors. You’ll receive a comprehensive reporting package for analysis and documentation as well as assistance with additional customized reporting needs while still maintaining overall ownership of the model.

Prepayment Speed Analysis

Prepayment speed studies are more critical now than ever under CECL standards, subject to increased levels of scrutiny on ALM Model inputs. Valuant’s prepayment speed studies add value to every stakeholder for your financial institution as results include key takeaways from results as well as a comparison to industry benchmarks. Through our proprietary ValuCast software, we compute monthly payment type models and contractual cash flow schedules from selected dates, and have the ability to run advanced analysis considering changing interest rate environments. No matter the current interest rate environment, knowing YOUR actual prepayment speeds proves to be extremely valuable.

Outsourced Advisory Documents

Our Advisory services don’t stop here. Our team of experts can continue to assist in solving the challenges standing in the way of maximum profitability. Gain valuable insights with customized management reporting packages, calculation of servicing assets, forecasting and budgeting, deposit studies, historical loan analysis, utilization rate calculations, and more.

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