CECL Preparation & Adoption

Valuant is the bridge from your current model to CECL. Make your transition a seamless one.

CECL Preparation & Adoption

Valuant is the bridge from your current model to CECL. Make your transition a seamless one.

Support for Every Stage of your CECL Transition

The road to CECL is an easy transition thanks to our six phases of CECL readiness. Your dedicated team at Valuant will aid in developing your robust project plan, standing by your side from implementation to going live. After identifying key deadlines, we’ll help to inventory the data needed to accomplish CECL, assess and select appropriate methodologies, perform a mock analysis, work to identify any gaps in the disclosures, and finally, provide a playbook for implementing the CECL standard on a recurring basis.

Effortless Compliance

Never worry about compliance again. Today it’s the CECL standard but tomorrow there will be new regulations in the ever-changing financial services industry. Our ValuCast software offers everything you need from data import, prepayment speeds, loss methodologies, individually assessed, reasonable and supportable forecasting, and other various ancillary modules. We don’t write the rules, we write the solutions.

Bridging the Gap

Easily make the transition to CECL from any model or vendor with no downtime. Yes, even an excel based model or another vendor’s model. You won’t be the first; more than 40% of our current CECL clients converted from another provider.

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CECL Readiness in Action

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