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As part of an annual study that began in 2020, Valuant conducts analysis on ASC 326, commonly referred to as “CECL”. The study contains key data statistics and insights around the US Regional and Community Banking sectors and the impact CECL has on their Allowance for Credit Loss (ACL) Coverage Ratios.
ASC 326 Current Expected Credit Loss (“CECL”) brought many changes to the allowance process but one item remained the same: the need for qualitative factors.
This whitepaper will take the opportunity to debunk some of the misconceptions or myths in the market surrounding CECL. Our insights come from what we have seen from those institutions that have already adopted CECL as well our clients we are currently assisting with implementation.
This whitepaper details updates to key data points and analysis from 12/31/2020 (shown in prior publications) through 6/30/2021.
The largest cohort of CECL adopters by volume is now beginning to prepare for CECL which is only 6 quarters away. Whatever your plan, execute it.
This whitepaper details the many methods in which an institution can stress its portfolio, mitigate risk, and best practices to stay ahead of economic uncertainty.

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